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Pepper Raccoon


Pepper Raccoon is a slightly feral illustrator living in Wellington, New Zealand, creating nature-inspired artworks and art products from her home studio. Her practice focuses on juxtaposing humour, fun, and a sense of lightness with the power and majesty of the natural world, enabling people to fit a bit of wildness into their daily lives. She's known for her enamel pins, patches, stickers, and prints, but recent work has also included watercolour paintings of extinct native bird skulls, a risograph zine of Inktober artworks, and handmade art for her wonderful collection of patrons. She enjoys a wonderful world of interaction with her audience across social media and Patreon, and loves traveling to events like Chromacon to hang out with her audience and meet new friends! She also works as a commercial artist and designer for sustainable food brands across New Zealand and beyond.