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The International production company where the imagination takes centre stage. Cirkus is a well established and award winning animation house fortunate enough to enlist an experienced troupe of animation directors. True to our name we believe in mixing up styles and teams to keep the output fresh and varied. At Cirkus, we specialise in brand advertising and due to this, we are vastly experienced in adhering to tight deadlines and facilitating the various approval processes required by our Clients. Our projects vary from our Client being deeply involved in the creative process through to Cirkus taking the reins and guiding the flow of (art) direction.At Cirkus, our strongest areas of expertise are concept design, storytelling and character animation. By way of brainstorming and executing various techniques, we come up with ‘out of the box’ approaches that make for unique commercials - our credo is ‘make it not the same’. We have independently developed the completed animation, art, story and pipeline for short form as well as feature film projects using our wide network of high quality animators and designers.