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hi im Armouros yes that's my chosen name. I've been illustrating all my life though I did not go to Art School but I have been in art and craft classes resulting in knowledge in many different mediums wood, stone, metal, ceramic, garment construction, animation however I am applying as an illustrator. my work has had some publication in 2005 making a short comics for the Otago Museum after having a break as some might say. presently I am feeling a little of an old dog working full-time as a in house designer Illustrator whatever they need me to do person I have yet to be part of something big that I can truly be proud of. recently in the last few years I've been trying to sharpen my dull drawing skills having a one 1 page and two 2 page comics in different issues of Funtime comics anthology. Stylistically I am all over the place quite often people won't even recognise my work from the others it change quite a bit from just my mood and what I think would suit best for what I'm trying to represent. have a fun side and a serious one to. still to prove to myself that that one great work is just around the corner all we can do is keep trying to try